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A respected member of our community, Vicky Dhillon has called Brampton his home for over 20 years, living in Wards 9 & 10 with his wife and two children, both students in University. Vicky Dhillon was advocating for the rights of Brampton residents and businesses long before he was elected to serve as the City Councillor for Wards 9 and 10 in the 2006 municipal election. His interest in politics started early, while he was a student at the University of Punjab. When he arrived in Canada in 1991, he supported his family by driving a limousine and quickly rose through the ranks to become president of the Pearson Airport Limousine Driver's Association. When a dispute arose over licenses, Vicky stepped up to fight for the rights of the drivers and was victorious. Following this triumph, he was approached by the Liberal government who were impressed by his ambitious, confident nature and his vision for the community. Vicky took on the role of President of the Brampton-Springdale Federal Liberal Riding Association for two years. After participating in politics at the federal level, Vicky could see how he could make a difference on important municipal issues facing residents. His desire to serve the community and better the lives of the residents is what ultimately led him into politics as a career. The City of Brampton was experiencing unprecedented city-wide development with many new immigrants choosing to set down roots in this beautiful community. Noting a lack of visible minorities at the council table, Vicky decided to run for city council, stating that “it was the best way to contribute to the community. The locals need a voice, someone who can represent them.” Despite taxes jumping over 10% over a two year period, Vicky noted that many of Brampton’s important infrastructure projects remained unfunded. The rapidly developing areas in Wards 9 and 10 were grossly underserviced, with a lack of public transportation, schools, libraries and community centres.

After winning the 2006 municipal election, Vicky embraced his new role and quickly began delivering on his campaign promises. Recognizing a disturbing trend in drug use within the South Asian community, Vicky took a stand against the addictive poppy derivative known as Doda. As recently as 2008, this substance was readily available, sold through ethnic grocery stores, flower shops and flea markets for approx. $1 per gram. Through an aggressive public education and media campaign, Vicky and supporters were able to criminalize the sale of the powder. In 2014, Vicky continues to advocate against drug use, particularly among Brampton’s youth. Working with local community groups, Vicky has supported the development of promotional materials and workshops for students and their families, warning them about the hazards of drugs.

During his two terms in office, Vicky has successfully developed and maintained strong working partnerships with all levels of governments. As the representative for Wards 9 & 10, the fastest growing wards in Brampton, Vicky has pushed to ensure our residents receive their fair share of community improvements including enhancements to the regional and local road systems; and the development of the state-of-the-art Gore Meadows Library and Community Centre. His work with the City’s Community Services team and local sport associations has resulted in several new sports fields and community parks within Wards 9 & 10. Vicky understands the importance of active living for our residents and has ensured the development of programs and services that celebrate the diversity and cultures of Brampton residents. Vicky has a keen interest in the responsible, sustainable growth of our community, ensuring a variety of housing options to meet the lifestyle of all residents. Understanding the importance of protecting our natural environment, Vicky has been a part of many community initiatives which preserve and beautify our woodlots, marshes and wetlands. In Wards 9 & 10, there are nearly 100 parks with amenities, 70 playgrounds and 35 sports fields. Our commitment to active living and enhancing the lives of our residents is why Brampton attracts so many young professionals and families. People choose Brampton over other communities in the GTA because we offer a strong quality of life.

Over the last 8 years, Vicky has worked hard for the residents in his wards, representing their interests on a myriad of issues. The North-East portion of Brampton has experienced rapid growth but it has been done in a responsible manner. With his involvement in the City’s Planning, Design & Development Committee, he plays an integral role in the planning approval process. Vicky ensures there are a variety of housing options available to reflect the needs of our diverse community and that there is an appropriate mix of commercial properties to meet the needs of the residents from a consumer perspective as well as employment opportunities.

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