Vicky understands the cultures and values of our diverse community. Vicky is focused on developing a vibrant, sustainable community that offers residents a safe, comfortable environment to live, work and play. Brampton has access to one of Canada’s best transportation networks which makes it desirable for commuters and businesses. Brampton’s population grows by approximately 18,000 residents each year, with many newcomers setting down roots in Wards 9 & 10.

Active Living

With so many cultures represented within the city, Brampton has enhanced planning for sports and recreation infrastructure to include various sports and activities to ensure recreation programming reflects the diversity of our population


The City of Brampton invests in transportation through Brampton Transit and an extensive network of roads. We are planning for the future to ensure that our residents receive the transportation services they need to get to school and to work every day.

We are committed to supporting business and attracting new employers so that residents can find meaningful employment close to home. Brampton is home to some of Canada’s top employers, including Loblaw, Rogers and Chrysler. With nearly 8,000 businesses, Brampton’s economy is strong which means more jobs for residents.


Speaking of school, we have just announced that the City of Brampton is working with Sheridan as they convert from a college to a university. We continue to supporting satellite campuses and technical institutions such as Algoma University and Trios College to ensure that residents have access to quality education close to home.

Community Safety

In terms of safety, Vicky Dhillon works closely with Peel Regional Police and Brampton Safe City. We have developed a network where we share information in an expedient manner so that prompt action can be taken when an incident occurs. Since 2007, the City of Brampton has held an International Safe Community Designation through the World Health Organization (WHO). This is something we can be very proud of.

Environmental Protection

Brampton has made a commitment to conserve, protect and enhance our natural environment. The City has a three pronged Grow Green approach to its open space system, which involves protection, management and enhancement initiatives. The City of Brampton currently owns over 6,000 acres of parkland and natural environment. Through the land development process, the City ensures that all significant and sensitive natural environmental features including valleylands, wetlands and woodlands are protected from the impacts of development. Once protected, the City undertakes sustainable management practices for different spaces within these public areas that strive to maintain and, where possible, enhance the health and vitality for all inhabitants. In its natural heritage system spaces such as valleylands, woodlands and wetlands, the City is committed to ecosystem management practices that remediate past damage and restore and enhance natural functions.

In the City’s parks system, all turf is pesticide-free and is maintained with environmentally-friendly practices that ensure a comfortable setting for residents and less taxing on the environment.