What people are saying

"Councillor Vicky Dhillon is a tremendous asset to our city. From my experience he has shown exceptional dedication and concern. At one point, while I was in the hospital, my utilities were about to be cut off, leaving my kids in an unsafe and difficult situation. I felt I had nowhere to turn. That is when I called Councillor Dhillon and he helped me resolve the situation within hours. On an ongoing basis, Councillor Dhillon keeps in touch to ensure all issues are dealt with appropriately. Thank you Councillor Dhillon.

Gagandeep Singh

"Brampton City Councillor Vicky Dhillon is on a crusade to stop stores in his area from selling two kinds of poppy flowers which are said to contain addictive opium"

Toronto Star, Friday November 7th 2008

"There have been two crackdowns in the Region of Peel, which targeted Doda (drug) more aggressively under pressure from Brampton City Councillor Vicky Dhillon, who heard about the addictive drug from teenage children and decided it was becoming a big problem"

National Post , Saturday April 11, 2009

"I am proud to have worked with Mr. Dhillon on the Brampton public library board. He is passionate in his duties as Brampton Councillor and wishes to do his best for all citizens of Brampton."

Roger Bunn, M.D

"Everyone has his/her own experiences in life. I normally do not endorse anyone in politics, but I cannot resist myself from speaking about Vicky Dhillon. I personally know many people who would vouch for his easy accessibility and helping nature. He returns everyone's calls and fulfils legit requests from his constituents. Being a father of teenaged kids his contribution to ban Doddey (Drug) is enough for me to vote for him over and over again."

Jas Puniya, Resident Ward 10. August 2014